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About Manuel Gordon

Manuel Gordon Manuel Gordon is a technical writer, programmer, and computer science professor.

With more than 25 years in the IT industry, Manny has worked on every technology from mainframes to Web frames.

He studied computer science first at University of Toronto and later at McGill University in Montreal. Manny also worked as a programmer at McGill.

One of his achievements was upgrading a popular statistical package by ripping out old, bug-ridden code, and replacing it with calls to a modern, API-based library.

Next, Manny worked on a pioneering data warehouse project for the Bank of Montreal. Manny designed a major part of the API, implemented it, and of course, documented it.

Since then, Manny has divided his time between teaching and consulting. He is a professor of Computer Science at Vanier College, and has worked as a technical writing or programming consultant for many companies. His resume is sprinkled with names such as DMR, CGI, Hummingbird, Softimage, HP, Fujitsu, Rockwell and Microsoft.

As a technical writer, Manny specializes in documenting APIs, SDKs, and complex data communications software.

Since 1997, Manny has been a partner in Gordon & Gordon, which is best known for giving lively, useful workshops in technical and marketing writing.

To contact Manuel Gordon, call (514) 934-3274.

About Gordon Graham

Gordon Graham Gordon Graham has won many awards for technical and marketing writing since 1985.

In his last job as VP Marketing, Gordon helped a software firm grow from $250,000 to $8 million in sales in three years.

"Every company needs the same thing: to tell their story in crisp, clear, sparkling words," says Gordon. "And I like to help them do it."

Twenty years ago, he helped start NOW, a thriving alternate weekly newspaper in Toronto, and served as its first managing editor. Since then, Gordon has written more than 300 articles on technology, and five computer books.

And he's taught at Concordia University in Montreal, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

Today Gordon specializes in writing white papers and other marketing materials (success stories, newsletters, Web site content) for high-tech firms. As the editor of the premier industry newsletter for software executives called SoftwareCEO.com, he is a widely read expert in the field.

Since 1997, Gordon has been a partner in Gordon & Gordon, which is best known for giving lively, useful workshops in technical and marketing writing.

Gordon is a professional member and past president of the Professional Writers Association of Canada and an honored member of the Society for Technical Communication.

To contact Gordon Graham, call (705) 842-2428.


Click here for a list of the awards Gordon Graham and Manuel Gordon have won.

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May 7, 2009

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