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We've received many positive comments about our workbooks and DVD, as well as the workshops that they derived from. Here are some of them.

Documenting APIs and SDKs:

"Very thorough. I highly recommend it."

"All the information was fabulous... Covered a lot of ground."

"I bought this DVD set and found it very useful. There is a lot of information about how programmers think and what they expect and like, in addition to more detailed information on the subject of APIs and SDKs. I also found the outline for a developer's guide very helpful."

"Explanations based on experience, not theory."

"It's a very good starting point and is well worth the money. If you can't afford individual or group training, this is an excellent solution."

"Manny is a lively, very interesting instructor."

"Excellent introduction to the raison d'être of APIs and SDKs. The course builds a writer's confidence that they are on the right track to developing acceptable SDK documentation."

"I think this course is just amazing for tech writers new to API writing!"

"Gordon and Gordonís DVD course, Documenting APIs and SDKs breaks a difficult subject down into manageable chunks. Mannyís presentation is easy to absorb. The information on the Developerís Guide, particularly the outline, gave me a solid starting point from which to build the document. This course pays for itself with dividends."

"Solid, basic API concepts made concrete through examples. Great presentation manner and sense of humor, depth of knowledge and experience."

"Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent intro to API/SDK documentation via your workbook..."

"I'll admit I was skeptical when I saw the workbook was a printout of Powerpoint slides from your course, but the material turned out to be solid and useful... Thanks again."

"I got great info, feedback, affirmation, motivation, direction to go back and get the right job done."

"Lots of information, entertaining."

"The pace is good, the content is rich. You have captured my interest and excited my learning curve."

"Even though I know some of these concepts, having them presented in a global view is interesting and refreshing."

"A very good introduction to what it's all about."

"I certainly found the course useful. It has catapulted the dialogue on what goes into our SDK up to management level."

Just Enough Java:

Note: Just Enough Java is a new workshop, but much of the material is adapted from the original 2-day version of Documenting APIs and SDKs, an earlier workshop that Manuel Gordon has presented several times. Here is a selection of comments pertaining to the parts of it that later evolved into Just Enough Java.

"I'm excited by the fact that I can now READ and UNDERSTAND the code I spend most of the time cutting and pasting!"

"We have so much trouble finding tech writers who can read source files and document APIs! This course will be really, really good for the other two writers on my team."

"Love the exercises. I find this course is bringing everything together that I've been trying to learn on my own so far."

"Good tips for extracting important information from code and other sources."

"I have no programming background. Part of my job is to format the docs written by programmers. After this training, I am going to be able to write the doc by myself."

"Overall, the course was EXCELLENT. I have benefitted ENORMOUSLY and it will help me TREMENDOUSLY in my work. I think it has been one of the most useful courses I have taken. Thank you so very much."

Just Enough C and C++:

Note: Just Enough C and C++ is a new workshop, but much of the material is adapted from the original 2-day version of Documenting APIs and SDKs, an earlier workshop that Manuel Gordon has presented several times. Here is a selection of comments pertaining to the parts of it that later evolved into Just Enough C and C++.

"My manager requested that I pull together a plan for reference documentation of several new products written in Java and C++. Your workbook helped me outline each of the guides and understand how to approach documenting the functions and objects... your book certainly helped!"

"I feel able to analyze header files in an intelligent-enough way to produce skeletal documentation. A definite improvement!"

"I wanted to stop guessing and get informed! Now I am much better prepared to do this work, and have a clue where to get supporting information."

"Fortunately, I could always work from quite complete documentation written by programmers. I just had to reformulate, reformat, and update. I never had to dig in the header files. Now, I know how to work the other way around, in case I need to some day. Today's course was really educational."

Understanding Complex Software:

Note: Understanding Complex Software is an updated and renamed version of System Design, an earlier workshop that Manuel Gordon has presented many times, including at two international STC Conferences. Here is a selection of comments on the relevant parts of System Design:

"Excellent! Exactly what I've needed since I became a tech writer in a software environment."

"Packed with useful information. Very well-prepared. Articulately delivered. Just superb!"

"Discussion of buzzwords was very helpful, since so many new ones crop up daily."

"All in all, this was a day well spent. The part about diagrams was very useful—especially the use cases. This is a good way to look at things."

"Well-paced, level not too deep for me to comprehend, good mix of activities and lectures. I appreciate the personal workbook as well as the refences to supplemental reading materials."

"Knowledgeable, excellent presenter."

"The presenter's knowledge was impressive. And I appreciate the bibliography."

"Mr. Gordon is very knowledgeable about his subject and was able to impart this information extremely well—a great teacher!"

"Underscored the importance of the 'technical' in technical writing... something that we need to be able to do more and more."

"The speaker was interesting and entertaining. The material was well-organized. The slides were well-prepared. And the workbook allowed for all the scribbling that anybody could possibly desire."

"I'd take another course from Gordon & Gordon."

Good Enough Documentation:

"Good case studies. I love having 'real-life' examples."

"I especially appreciated the 'good-enough' approach."

"I learned quite a bit about ways I can improve my documentation."

"Interesting and relevant."

"I felt very comfortable in the class because open discussion was encouraged."

"Lively discussion among a group of peers."

"I'm looking forward to your next workshop!"

Technical Writing 101: The Basic Skills:

"Very enjoyable and enlightening..."

"Dynamic... clear... short and to the point."

"Good presentation... good references... a lot of useful tips."

"A great course--I learned a lot!"

"Several people I know have tried to talk me out of pursuing technical writing (because they think it's not creative enough) but your workshop really did convince me otherwise... it really made me warm to the subject."

"An enjoyable learning experience..."

"It's great to take the time to focus on work when you're not doing the work. I found it motivating; made me want to roll up my sleeves and get down to some writing."

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January 8, 2008

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